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English Bridge is climbing out of its hermit shell. It's about time we venture outside the realms of test preparations and delve into the world of, LESS CHALLENGING yet equally rewarding, General English Enrichment with the curriculum support of Finland Intercultural School.

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Immersive English Course – Finland Curriculum

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Phonics For Reading


English For Adults


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Kids And Teens

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Finland Intercultural School, English Bridge (A Test Prep Company), English Next (An English Enrichment Company) and Tynker (an engineering school for kids)

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English Next is a brand created by English Bridge, Indonesia's leading test preparation specialist.

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English Bridge share its expertise to the teachers at English Next to get them to the next level.

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Finland Immersive English

Stimulating activities are incorporated throughout the course. These activities involve students speaking and moving around in a dynamic and interactive classroom. Apart from practising the target language, students also learn about cooperation, teamwork, leadership while having lots of fun in the process.

In the Finnish approach, learning is fun and the children are not prepared for tests but for life.

What makes the Finnish education system so good?
Finland has a reputation as an education powerhouse, with its long track record at the top of the world rankings, and proven results. The strength of the Finnish school system is that it guarantees equal learning opportunities, regardless of social background. Instead of comparison between pupils, the focus is on supporting and guiding the weaker pupils.

The curriculum utilizes the Finnish National Core Curriculum. We offer unique high-quality education based on modern pedagogical approaches and methodologies having its roots in the long-term educational development of the Finnish education system.

Even though our educators can provide answers and solutions, they strongly encourage the self-development of the child through seeking understanding, questioning, experiencing, reflecting, discovering, and meaning making.

The nature of a child is to want to know new things, to be inquisitive, curious about the world around them, and to experiment with what they learn. Finland’s education system builds on this, taking advantage of the natural curiosity and placing it at the heart of education planning and curricula.

Students take initiative in planning, directing, and evaluating their own learning process, collaborating with their peers, solving problems and steering projects through teamwork. At FIS, although students receive progress evaluations, scaled grading is not introduced until the 8th year.

A Finland education system for kids – English is a Playground

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A playful Immersion Finland-style

Children discover joy in learning English

Interior Design by Finland

Standardised in the Finland Core Curriculum, the interior will make children absorbed in the exquisite sense of tranquility.


Learning English through fun games, singing, and arts and craft.

Every Aspect Covered

From pronunciation, reciting, recognition of words, story-telling, phrases, synonyms to short sentences.

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Phonics For Reading

Learning to blend phonemes with letters helps children read words. Learning to segment sounds with letters helps them spell words. Relating sounds to letters is the heart of phonics instruction.

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Phonics is an approach in teaching children the connection between the written letter (grapheme) with the sound produced (phonemes).


With phonics, students can Read easily, smoothly and understand its meaning
Write intact, clear and accurate and Developing reading habits extensively and frequently


Students learn to blend separate sounds into words, segment words into smallest units of sounds.


Striving to make the web a more beautiful place every single day Teaching sounds along with the letters of the alphabet the sounds represent is important because it helps children to see how phonemic awareness relates to their reading and writing.


Students will understand that words are made up of sounds represented by symbols or letters, understand the relationship between written and spoken language.

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Real-Life Speaking

The course focused on the use of language that is relevant to the work and daily life. As an adult student, you will build confidence and fluency in English through a workout routine conversation with our native teachers.

Design is the paradise

of individuality, eccentricity,

abnormality, and humors.

This program caters to elementary learners of Chinese language. Focused on fulfilling the basic needs of communication in daily lives, the course also covers the language skills needed in learning and working environments as well as social activities. Our Mandarin classes will introduce you to common expressions, words, phrases, and grammar to help you establish a solid foundation as a newcomer to learning Chinese.

Our Chinese lessons have been designed to enhance daily conversational skills on top of practical vocabulary knowledge through a simple role-play teaching method. Do not get frustrated and lose hope if you encounter some phrases and words to be challenging to pronounce initially.

You may come across many sounds that will be unfamiliar and new, and attempting to say them may be difficult at first. Through practice and scenarios learning, you will soon realise in your ability to recognize the sounds of Mandarin before producing them naturally. As your ability and skill develop, you will begin to converse well in the various daily conversations.

What we can help you achieve

Personal or corporate branding | SEO optimization | Web & UI Design | Standing out in the crowd

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Business English

The course includes grammar explanations and industry-specific terms for students to communicate professionally and effectively whilst studying business-related content relevant to their profession and industry needs.


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-learn to communicate effectively and focus on using the right words and correct pronunciation
-develop confidence and fluency
-improve writing and speaking skills for better business correspondence and presentations
-get advice and feedback from trainers
-learn useful study skills to improve quickly.
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In the global perspective, the Finnish education system seems to be a paradox. Finland Intercultural School is an educational nirvana that delivers excellent outcomes despite short school hours, the aversion to homework and the absence of external assessments.

The Finland Intercultural School curriculum engages students through the context of Finland’s ideals of exploration, risk-taking, innovation, creativity, and excellence.

Students are engaged to understand and own their learning process, pace, and progress though an increasing focus on inquiry, project-based learning, and an emphasis on social-emotional learning.


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