Don’t hesitate to reach out!

We know that a phone call or visit to our website can’t capture the feeling of walking onto Finland Intercultural School and seeing the students in their daily activities. We’d be happy to meet with your family to discuss our school, our admissions process and show you around our campus.
The best way to understand the Finnish experience is to come and see it for yourself. Bring your kids along for a fully immersive test-drive and discover how FIS is revolutionising the education approach.

Beyond the Books

Who said school has to be boring? Our teachers make even the driest material interesting.
Our teachers will make bookish concepts, dry theory and words come alive in a way that your kids will never forget!!
Naturally, spots are filling FAST. So we invite you to book a free tour. We’ll show you around our well-equipped centre, demonstrate our top quality resources and let you experience our beautiful environment.
Give Your Children The Most Socially, Academically And Physically Healthy School.

We would like to hear from you about your academic goals.

We do not settle until you are completely satisfied.

Our expert course consultants will help you plan your studies and get the results you need.
If you are a company owner or training manager and are looking for English language training for your employees, English Mechanics can provide free consultations and placement testing for your staff and recommend a program to support your organisation’s English language development needs.
English Mechanics is a network of highly experienced English teachers who are totally dedicated toward you, the learner. Our point of focus. We teach English in order to change peoples lives for the better!
We are your trusted learning partner. English Mechanics delights in helping people achieve their dreams through learning a second language. For us, there is no greater exultation than to see your English proficiency and confidence grow.
How to Contact Your Adviser
English Mechanics Student Advice team can be contacted on 021 – 2245 or 0812 100 600 75 from 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Saturday. Alternatively, you can send us an email, and one of our advisers will get in touch with you.
Friendly and Helpful Advice
English Mechanics has a team of Student Advisers who are here just to help you.
When you first contact us you will be allocated a personal Student Adviser. They will ensure that you are given the best possible advice prior to you starting your course and will offer further support throughout your programme of study, whenever you need it. If you have a problem, however small, speak to our Student Advise Team, they enjoy solving your problems, although not