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Finland Immersive English

Stimulating activities are incorporated throughout the course. These activities involve students speaking and moving around in a dynamic and interactive classroom. Apart from practising the target language, students also learn about cooperation, teamwork, leadership while having lots of fun in the process.

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Creativity is a very important trait for students during the learning process, as children who learn creatively will be able to retain more knowledge and improve their understanding. We believe that children who nurture their creative instinct can grow up to be great speakers and inspiring writers.
Students will have the opportunity to explore their creative side through our Writing and Speaking classes that encourage them to express their ideas and concepts in a polished form.

Students develop their ability to understand English through highly engaging and comprehensive learning with communicative activities and with text audio support from books and Student App.


Understand key information and basic ideas of a conversation.

Development of listening strategies

Understand listening techniques that help students maximize their understanding of conversations and texts. Listening techniques include: making predictions, notes, listening to the digest and specific details.

Complex interpretation

Make sense and form opinions on topics that are discussed and explained. Students can connect what they hear with what they already know.

Using a context appropriate to their interests, students will express themselves by engaging in English with their teachers and friends, making presentations, and participating in group activities. In addition, regular Life Clubs that discuss current topics can make it easier for students to use English to discuss current trends.

Basic interaction

Basic verbal communication to get acquainted, ask questions, and ask everyday topics, for example talking about their hobbies.

Participate in discussions

Participate in pairs or groups and discuss topics.

Make a presentation

Mastering reading techniques such as skimming or scanning. This technique maximizes their understanding of the text and adds to reading motivation.

Students master good reading skills through exclusive read-only materials, as well as digital learning support. In addition to reading comprehension, students will also develop reading techniques to understand long and complex texts in a short period of time.


Understand key information and basic ideas of a text, understand and be able to answer questions related to a conversation.

Develop a reading strategy

Mastering reading techniques such as skimming or scanning. This technique maximizes their understanding of the text and adds to reading motivation.

Understand the text

Make sense and form opinions about various kinds of articles. Identify important details in a long reading and make a brief summary. Understand the meaning of unusual words based on the contextual reading instructions.

Through classroom activities, homework and writing exercises, students are taught to express themselves in various writing styles (such as narratives, descriptions, expositions and arguments) to inspire them to write in English and prepare them to write more proficiently naturally.

Sentences with correct spelling and punctuation

Recognize and write with the right grammar for everyday topics like hobbies and interests.

Short and simple text

Complete writing to describe activities like holidays with clear and unified writing.

Complex Sentences

Expressing complex ideas in a long text such as book and movie reviews, letters or emails. Write long text that aims to convey a message, for example a persuasive letter or essay that is argumentative.

Always Striving To

Think Critically

Children are encouraged to develop critical thinking by analyzing reading comprehension from our carefully selected collection of novels. We want to teach children to understand passages, use their logic to comprehend the message, and ask questions to enhance their way of thinking. By thinking critically, students will equip themselves with the tools they need to go past the surface meaning of passages, and analyze novels to study what message the author wishes to convey.
This principle inspires students to apply a more critical thought process in every aspect of their own lives, and helps them to tackle problems and obstacles in a new level.

Creative Writing

Sentences, paragraphs, simple stories and poetry

Hot Looks

Nemo enim ipsam volup tatem quia vol uptas sit sunt in.

Group Discussions

Sharing ideas and opinions and listening to others

Oral Presentations

Learning how to speak confidently in front of others

Design is the paradise

of individuality, eccentricity,

abnormality, and humors.

Our focus is on developing children’s communication skills, as we want them to be able to convey themselves fluently and accurately.
We aim to achieve this goal by integrating reading comprehension, writing, speaking and listening modules in our curriculum. Interactive speaking and listening activities will increase fluency, whereas accuracy is built upon reading comprehension and grammar concept exercises.
Students will also learn correct pronunciation by studying the phonetic method throughout the entire process. Improved ability in English will increase the students’ confidence and motivate them to learn more.

Target Audience
  • -learn to communicate effectively and focus on using the right words and correct pronunciation-develop confidence and fluency-improve writing and speaking skills for better business correspondence and presentations-get advice and feedback from trainers-learn useful study skills to improve quickly.–Accent ReductionAcquire the skills needed for planning and writing imaginative, grammatically correct, well written pieces of workWrite creativelyRead and respond to a variety of well-known classics of children’s fictionAccess essential curriculum knowledge required for Primary School.
    Write with greater organisation and detail
    Speak with more confidence and poise
    Read using a wider range of comprehension skills and strategies