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Finland Immersive English

Stimulating activities are incorporated throughout the course. These activities involve students speaking and moving around in a dynamic and interactive classroom. Apart from practising the target language, students also learn about cooperation, teamwork, leadership while having lots of fun in the process.

We make it simple to share your ideas with target audiences.

Believing that lively and interactive lessons promote retention of information, we always urge students to interact not only with the teacher but also with their fellow classmates. We teach English in an active way rather than repeating meaningless phrases better equips our students to express themselves in English.

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Our open-space learning environment is conducive and encourages students to express themselves confidently and fluently in English such as native English speakers and familiar with cultural differences.

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Teachers use trending topics and themed activities to inspire students’ interest in learning English and improve their knowledge outside of textbooks, as well as to encourage independent learning outside the classroom.

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A conversation-based course where students develop their acquisition and understanding of spoken English. Students explore language through everyday themes that enhance the learning process.

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Highly developed methodology

Students build a solid vocabulary base by learning English in meaningful bite-size pieces based on a spiral, topic-based syllabus. Pedagogical soundness – reflects the human learning experience through: presentation, expansion, consolidation and review.

Tried and tested syllabus – maximizes communication so children use their English from the earliest stage. Meaningful chunks of language boost communication faster. Many others simply teach words, English Next does so much more.

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Our teachers provide students with easy-to-understand grammar rules. Students will be taught systematically on each lesson with clear grammatical elements and enjoy their classes in a fun and exciting way at all times.

They will learn to understand the structure and paragraphing in writing a composition and utilizing key words and idioms to craft a complete story. At this level, the focus is getting a complete story out with a proper beginning and ending, and enhancing the narration with a light dose of descriptive words.

Target Audience
  • Lessons include:A grammar exerciseA spelling testSentence writing using spelling words
  • The assigning of reading and spelling homeworkTalk time using key classroom resources e.g: The Today ChartTeacher modelling of correct sentence patterns
  • Mastering the art of conversation using measurable outcomesPicture cards and games reinforce the taught vocabulary
  • The use of picture cards and games to reinforce learning in a fun and student friendly environment
  • The exploration and refinement of fine motor skills
  • Interactive learning and fun activities to improve students’ listening and speaking skills.Grammar and structure is introduced naturally in oral practices.Character recognition is learnt in an association way so that students can remember easily.Monthly quizzes to regularly check on students’ progress.Exam skills for oral and written exams are practiced in class.Term progress report is prepared for parents meeting sessions.
  • Confident grasp of the content in the textbooks. Master the techniques of completing sentences, matching phrases and answering comprehension passages. Able to express own thoughts after reading comprehension passages and critically identify the central theme.

There’s a very big world out there. We believe that children need confidence to make it their own. Becoming strong readers will give them that courage. Allowing them to make sense of their lives, and control their own destinies.


Reading is one of life’s most precious gifts. We encourage a love of reading by making learning joyful. We don’t believe in rote study, or repetitive drills. We open doors to a magical kingdom.


True reading demands understanding. We know there’s nothing more vital than being close to our learners. Giving them the support and encouragement to craft words into wings.


Children are naturally curious. We believe in harnessing that curiosity, making reading an adventure, not a chore. Kindling a life-long love of learning that will inspire, delight and reward.

Students will work with teachers and classmates to understand vocabulary and practice grammar to understand meaning in a sentence. At the initial level, we focus on training students' listening skills through grammar and word exercises. Then, at the advanced level we focus more on improving students' ability to understand a conversation and make the right responses.

Phonics (sounds) / syllables

Know how to pronounce alphabet, one by one or combination.

Words / short sentences

Build vocabulary and understand simple ideas

Long sentence / conversation

Able to understand a sentence in a conversation and discuss it

Students learn to recite more than 1,200 new vocabulary words and hundreds of sentences. Our teachers also engage students in various activities to help them practice oral skills and develop their vocabulary through situational conversations, stories and role-playing at all times.

Phonics (sounds) / syllables

Understand the relationship between the letters of the alphabet and the syllable written with the sound

Words / short sentences

Build vocabulary and practical sentences to be able to communicate with a simple idea
Oral: Fluently narrate the pictures in sequence, commending good behavior and critically point out the negative behavior, providing reasonable arguments and presenting own point of views and feeling.

Recite the passage expressively and answering questions confidently. Able to give examples from daily observations to express own opinions. Able to express critically, logically and factually when looking at a picture.

Long sentence / conversation

Oral presentations – learning how to speak confidently in front of others

Able to communicate by conveying the true meaning smoothly and confidently

To be able to narrate the story confidently in sequence and appropriately expressing one’s views and feelings. Reciting a passage fluently with ease and answering questions confidently

Our teachers guide students' reading skills with special reading exercises called "readers". The difficulty level of this exercise gradually increases throughout the course to help children develop self-confidence in reading and build the foundation for successful learning. We focus on spelling and word recognition at the initial level. Then, at an advanced level we focus more on improving reading comprehension, grammar and story repetition.

Phonics (sounds) / syllables

Developing reading skills in the classroom and at home through familiar English sounds and syllables

Words / short sentences

Students read with the help of drawings so they can Understand the meaning of the word better

Read independently using skills taught in class
Read and decode new and unfamiliar words
Read using pace and expression

Long sentence / text

Students read longer texts and are taught to understand the overall meaning of the passage without the aid of the image

Answer comprehension questions using correct grammar
Expand vocabulary using ICR spelling lists
Understand the parts of speech
Write simple sentences

Students learn to imitate the basic form of letters, then copy words and sentences, and ultimately be able to write their own short stories. At the initial level, we focus on practicing imitating text, copying words and using correct punctuation. Then at the advanced level, we focus more on developing students' creativity in their understanding of the correct grammatical structure.


Train muscle movement to get used to English characters and develop mechanical accuracy.

Copying words

Build writing skills through repetition, quick responses, and corrections

Creative writing

Write down words and sentences to learn to write independently and structured. Producing instances of writing in more content to build trust in writing expression

Students Will Also Learn The Following:

Question: what, where, when, how, how, how, how, how many
Subject-verb-The order of the word object
Adverbs: frequency, probability
Present & future progressive tense
Additional questions: do, do not
Adjective: possessive, descriptive
Demonstrative: this & that, these, those
Hint number: a lot of, no, none, some, any
Modals: can, can, have, need, must, need to
Foreword: personal, reflexive
Preposition: place, time
Sentence of command
Contract form
Sentence of type 0, Sentence of type 1
Cohesive link: because, next, or, so, then, and, but
Present / Future hypothetical
Conjunctive adverbials