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English Next is the only language school in Indonesia that is assisted in partnership with the world’s most famous education system – Finland. The English Next curriculum – consistent with the Finnish Core Curriculum Framework (FCCF) and Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.– makes learning feel more like playtime, keeping both kids and teachers engaged in a colorful, energetic environment.
Unlike in school, at English Next, your child learns without pressure and memorizing by rote, but with lots of fun and motivation!
With immersive Finland inquiry-based learning experience, students will grow in self-confidence, learn teamwork and build on their language development.

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The Finland Core Curriculum Framework will provide opportunities for children to grow and be stimulated in the development of physical, social, emotional, linguistic and intellectual through various activities such as communication, reading and writing in English and math skills. The materials provided cover pronunciation, reciting, recognition of words, story-telling, phrases and short sentences.
The English Next Curriculum is an integrated Finnish curriculum that encourages acquiring English language through the application of practical skills. It promotes holistic learning that reflects the real world through meaningfully-planned, authentic, hands-on learning activities.

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Benefits At A Glance

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Elegant Design

Small number of students under specially trained language instructors

Award Winning

Advancement of cognitive skills

Super Fresh

The latest course materials and topics suited to each age group

Fast Turnaround

Pedagogically sound concept for motivated learning with ease
RISE encourages students to voice their thoughts, solve challenges creatively and collaboratively, helping them to grow into inquisitive, strong communicators and thinkers who are future ready!
Develops Logical-Mathematical and Naturalistic Intelligences as children measure and explore properties of substances during play and cooking.
Encouraging cooperative learning by making language learning a social activity.
Engaging programs that motivate students and make them want to learn.
Professional level assessment and detailed study plan before the first class.
Curricula that is more advanced than that of the student’s school.
Fun activities to help students work on specific areas of study.
Detailed and skillful guidance in the school assessment.
Enhance essential literary knowledge and Chinese communication skills.
Regular assessment and communication with parents to ensure close monitoring of student’s progress.
Proven play-based teaching method.
Gain the confidence to use English in the real world by learning whole, practical sentences.
Continual assessment to optimize learning technique and certify learning achievements.
Reputational Excellence
Valuable pre-school experience of educational setting, socialization, numeracy and IT skills.
Vibrant Learning Environment
Colorful, happy and safe learning centers designed to inspire kids’ imaginations.
Adaptable Services
Teaching that recognizes and uses the unique learning patterns of each individual child.

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The Best Materials. Handcrafted. Zero Compromises.

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Traditionally, Chinese language teaching focused on rote learning of grammar rules, structures and vocabulary. We believe the best way to learn is by using the language. We take a student-centred approach, encouraging you to do most of the talking, while at the same time helping you to express yourself in the most natural way..

Speed is Everything

Through lesson transcripts, exercise worksheets, online exercises and role-playing sessions, we are able to provide a conducive and homogeneous environment for children to learn Chinese

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At Linda Mandarin, we make children discover the love of Mandarin learning, their nature curiosity and direct them towards school subjects grade improvement. We offer fun conversational Mandarin classes for kids to boost their understanding of the Chinese language, love for the language, both written and spoken.

Extensive Documentation

Reading and writing skills are developed through regular reading of simple passages to suit learner’s proficiency level. Steadily, they will develop these skills and confidence when reading newspaper, magazine, watching movies expand their vocabulary and knowledge of modern English.

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You may come across many sounds that will be unfamiliar and new, and attempting to say them may be difficult at first. Through practice and scenarios learning, you will soon realise in your ability to recognize the sounds of English before producing them naturally. As your ability and skill develop, you will begin to converse well in the various daily conversations.
Listening and speaking are practiced in real-world situations.

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Small class is essential for language learning, especially Chinese language: I have to individually adjust my students tone and pronunciation. This is especially important for Chinese language, as it’s a tonal language, which requires lots of teacher’s feedback on students’ imitation (By themselves, many students don’t even know if their tone imitation is correct or not). Therefore, I need to let students speak a lot in class so I can hear and correct their pronunciation and tones.



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Our Methodology is not just based on a certain course book as learning a language is a matter of accumulation, and we know that children learn best when they are not under pressure.

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Plain Vocab-Lists Are Anachronistic!

Learn vocabulary the fun way. A psychological study substantiated that vocabulary learning using flashcards is a more effective study technique than using plain word lists. Learning vocabulary is made efficient by memorable and hilarious cartoon mnemonics and word associations. Flashcards link words and their meanings very intelligently, logically and effortlessly.
English Next has designed innovative flashcards to improve your:
* Active recall
* Cartoon mnemonics
* Meta cognition
* Self-study mechanism
* Memory clue
* Contextual meaning of the word

Unorthodox Mindset

When the children apply for school, we don’t test them in order to rank them, but to get to know their skills and abilities. By knowing the level of their overall development, we are able to plan the individual learning paths for our students.

Best Practices

When in class, we don’t only make children sit quietly and memorise information. For children ages 5-7, the most effective way to learn is through instructed play and activity. We apply age-appropriate ways of teaching, make learning interesting and support their life-long passion to learn.


When we assess the students, we don’t do it because we want to test them to compare with others. To us assessment is a collaborative process to enhance learning. We don’t believe in standardized testing, we don’t want to make our students study just for the tests. We want our children to learn for life.

A Mind Liberator

When we think of the school path of our students, we don’t think our influence ends when they leave our school. We will have equipped them with skills to learn throughout their life. Children are responsible for their own learning, but our job is to encourage and motivate them to realize their full potential – through the joy of learning.

Competitive, performance and test based models are not good for children.

Dr. Pasi SahlbergA Finnish Educator and Writer

Our Beliefs

Finland’s success is a result of finding its own way of change rather than doing more of the same.
Engaged students who take charge of their own learning, and are inspired and coached by enthusiastic, motivated teachers. Educators who are able to stimulate their pupils’ curiosity, making them see why what they are learning will be valuable to them. Pupils who take initiative in planning, directing, and evaluating their own learning process, collaborating with their peers, solving problems and steering projects through teamwork.
There are no national tests for pupils in basic education. Instead teachers are responsible for the assessment in their respective subjects on the basis of the objectives written into the national core curriculum.

Find Out How Finland Became The Best!