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Finland Immersive English

Stimulating activities are incorporated throughout the course. These activities involve students speaking and moving around in a dynamic and interactive classroom. Apart from practising the target language, students also learn about cooperation, teamwork, leadership while having lots of fun in the process.

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The Tynker S.T.E.A.M world will inspire your child’s imagination, and make sure the skills that they are skills that last for a lifetime. Kids are welcomed to the English language gradually, using lots of fun and games to make sure the knowledge stick.
These provide essential teaching resources and classroom advice to ensure children learn English in a fun, positive and rewarding environment. Our classes move away from the traditional school model. Instead, they include lively, engaging and interactive sessions that include everything from games and craft to stories and songs.


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Our Joint Classes with Tynker provide so much more than just the S.T.E.AM knowledge in the domains of coding, engineering and coding, but also the ability to use English with confidence. They relate to the loveable coding and robotics classes and the theme of many of his adventures will feel familiar to them.
An approach that gives the child a practical and authentic experience, which has been proven to enhance their learning and retention of the English language.

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What is the secret ingredient that makes English Language Teaching effective for kids?

 The answer is simple. Let them have fun while they learn.

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This approach makes learning feel more like playtime, keeping both kids and teachers engaged in a colorful, energetic environment.

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Your children will learn how to use English in situations that they might come across in real life.

Sharp Edges

Rather than just learning individual words, they will gain the skills and confidence that they need to communicate confidently

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Classes take place in small groups to make sure each tot gets the attention they need in an environment without unnecessary distractions.

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Benefits of Learning English Through S.T.E.A.M Classes

Our Robotics Lab allows you to learn more about robotics in a fun and experiential way. With the widest range of educational programmable robotics kits from all around the world, made available at our centre, our curriculum and workshops are specially designed with key learning takeaways for every age group.


Obtain a broad vocabulary base to aid confident speech and listening
Develop letter recognition ability to prepare for reading and writing

Social Skills

Establish sharing, co-operation and group learning skills within an educational setting and enhance recognition and observational skills to enable future learning

Academic Aptitude

Introduce classroom setting concept to help them adapt easily to full-time education and improve co-ordination to enhance pencil control and computer learning.

To us, how kids learn is as important as what they learn.

The new LEGO Education Maker activities place educators in the role of facilitators, as they guide their students through a series of open-ended, problem-based challenges linked to real-life scenarios.
Students team up to define a problem, brainstorm ideas, define design criteria, and apply their findings to develop and build innovative solutions.
Several of the LEGO Education Maker activities incorporate easy-to-code motors and sensors to develop essential 21st century skills all while fostering students’ team work, critical thinking, creative problem solving and communication skills.

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Not Just English

Emphasis on Computational Thinking

Computational Thinking is a mental skill, a repertoire of analytical and problem solving strategies that your child can apply in the course of their lives, across any discipline, regardless of career, and even in the absence of a computer.

We provide children with activities, multimedia and sensory experiences that enhance the learning process, as well as a relaxed, open environment in which to explore their new talent.

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learn english through steam
We are thrilled to have Lorna Whiston’s dynamic team of highly experienced teachers leading our camp learning. They have designed a programme to spark children’s natural curiosity for learning, excite their imagination, nurture their creativity and develop their confidence and communication skills.
During the camp week English, Drama and Art activities engage and develop your child’s reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. All English activities are based around a central theme allowing children to build a deeper understanding of the topic and extend further their thinking and creative skills.
Each day is filled with stimulating, creative, and high energy activities designed to promote the intellectual, social and emotional growth of your each child. In our toddler classroom you can find a fully balanced day with tons of imaginative activities and play.