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Real-Life Speaking

The course focused on the use of language that is relevant to the work and daily life. As an adult student, you will build confidence and fluency in English through a workout routine conversation with our native teachers.
Speaking conversational English courses provides the ability for you to generate good and proper conversational. You can share your opinions, thoughts and discuss the topics in greater detail with your audience

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The official dialect of China is Mandarin, and learning it requires practice, continuous lessons, and, for maximum effect, conversations with a native speaker. As it is, when studying any language at all, constant practice is required, and familiarising yourself with the words repetitively greatly improves your ability to learn another language. But it is not just enough to memorise these words as you need also to be able to converse with someone who can understand you. This way you can experience the practicality of the educational experience. Actual conversations help you become more comfortable in speaking in a different tongue.

The Eccentric Course of Individuality, Abnormality, and Humors.

Focusing on “Survival Skills” for immediate use. Each lesson trains students in the use of set expressions as well as important sentence patterns frequently used in practical conversational situations, such as “at a restaurant”, “in a taxi”, “shopping”, “introductions”, “at the post office”, “asking directions”, “making a phone call”, “ordering food”, “buying a ticket”, “at the office”, “at the station”, “at a party”, etc.
These English lessons have been designed to provide practical daily vocabulary and a foundation for basic conversational skills through a simple role-play format.

What we can help you achieve

Accent Reduction | Fluency and Accuracy | Social Vocabulary | Standing out in the crowd

You Will
  • Learn important responses, common expressions and common small talks used in English daily.
  • Focus on using the right words and correct pronunciation
  • Develop confidence and fluency
  • Improve writing and speaking skills for better business correspondence
  • Get advice and feedback from trainers
  • Learn useful study skills to improve quickly
  • Accent Reduction
  • Functional language and vocabulary presented in contexts and situations from everyday life
  • Participate in controlled and free speaking activities
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We decided to move

forward with building

Traditionally, English language teaching focused on rote learning of grammar rules, structures and vocabulary. We believe the best way to learn is by using the language. We take a student-centred approach, encouraging you to do most of the talking, while at the same time helping you to express yourself in the most natural way.
We believe that the best way to learn is to be engaged in discussion and to take part in lessons. This method of experiential learning allows you to take in knowledge from your active experiences in class. In other words, there will not be a moment when you are not directly involved in the lesson.

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The English Next Methodology

Our expert teachers will address your common grammar and vocabulary errors, share study tips, and give you advice on how to survive and succeed in a country that uses English.
This program is specifically designed for adults who need lots of practice in English conversation skills. Students will be encouraged to speak a lot during the lesson. Teachers will provide different choices of conversational topics and drive the students to have a stimulating conversation environment.

Breaking Barriers

How to maximise the English communication process and overcome barriers to communication

Reality Check

Assessing how effective your current communication skills are and how to use different communication styles for different situations.

Soft Skills

Strategies for breaking the ice to keep the communication flowing and making body language and proper tone work


Use the subtleties of language for greater impact and adopt alternative easy to understand communication styles

Formal and Informal Forms

How to use formal and informal language where appropriate


Use pausing, pace and pronunciation for greater impact with adopting and mirror the language of others


Socialize and communicate in English.

The program’s goal is to build a good relationship with associates of different cultures

Collaborate with other students

Participate in activities that require teamwork to accelerate the acquisition of English language

Practical Vocabularies and Collocation

Participants will also be trained to use the expression that often comes up in conversation at a business dinner, exhibition, or other informal events.

An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

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Gain Fluency Quickly

The flexibility of our teachers plus a small class size means you will progress faster. Lots of engagement means you will improve your response time, which is essential for fluency

Essential Social English

If you would like to learn and practice only important responses, common expressions and common small talks used in English.

Flexible and personal

Fewer class members allow lessons to take a natural flow. As you feel an increased sense of participation and motivation, your course will adapt to cover the language areas and skills that you need to focus on.

Gain confidence

In a smaller group you will enjoy stronger relationships within your class. Your confidence will grow as you have more opportunities to interact with your classmates and teacher.

Way back when

We decided to move

forward with building

Participants will be directed to express ideas / feelings without having to study the structure or grammar of sentences but with corrections in every sentence spoken. The training that we offer more emphasis on BUILDING VOCABULARY, that is how to make sentences with new words obtained in each session.
Even beginners can speak simple sentences in the first lesson. This intuitive, conversational style of teaching revolutionized language instruction. Today, the proven effective English Next Method has become the standard for the language instruction, and it remains at the core of the company’s teaching approach.

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